OMB celebrates 63 years of innovation and growth

Last May 24th OMB celebrated its 63rd anniversary at its headquarters in Stenico (Trento – Italy), in the presence of several customers, friends and local authorities.

Despite the continuous renewals in the approach and production methods, and its profile as an international company, OMB has maintained its nature as a family business, rooted in its territory, and this guided the spirit of the celebrations of last May 24th, underlining the important developments in recent years.

The celebration took place inside the production site, transformed for the occasion into a convivial area with tables, chairs and buffets to offer a warm welcome to employees, collaborators and commercial partners who have contributed to OMB’s success over the last 63 years. years.

During the welcome message to guests, the ownership wanted to highlight some important steps in recent years: the acquisition of ITB in 2016, to strengthen commercial performance in the professional AV sector, and of Touch Revolution in 2023, which deals with multimedia communication creative, with the intention of associating the concept of solution and strong planning with the product.

During the event Fabiano Bailo (shareholder) underlined the social and economic value of the company for the local community, while Carlo Bailo (shareholder) illustrated the recent investments in precision machinery and new professionalism, as well as the diversification of the business with shareholdings in painting companies and in the Alpicapital company for the production of energy from renewable sources.

Antonio Zulianello, Sales & Marketing Executive EMEA, presented OMB’s new ten-year industrial plan, focused on innovation, sustainability and customization. He explained how the company is evolving towards a Smart Company, integrating advanced IT infrastructures to optimize production processes and promoting environmental and social sustainability.

The evening ended by tasting local foods and toasting to the future of OMB, “to its next 60 years” as Carlo Bailo said: a way to “invite home” all those who, directly and indirectly, built the OMB Group during its 63 years of activity.