OMB confirms itself as the primary supplier for complex DvLED structures

A wall of LEDs with dimension of 12×3.5 meters with a bending angle of 4.5°, plus a ceiling LED structure dimension 6×3 meters. These are just some numbers of the new LED structure for the Virtual Stage of OnAir company in Milan.

Stenico, April 20th 2023 – OMB srl, the Italian manufacturer of mounting solutions for the AV market, once again confirms itself as the primary partner for the development and production of complex DvLED structures.

The LED market has started its real expansion in recent years and, as a consequence, the demand for DvLED structures is growing day by day. In recent years, OMB has developed strong expertise in this sector, guaranteeing maximum professionalism in all phases of the projects. Our services embrace both the support of the customer in choosing the most suitable solution, the development, production and certification of the structure. The development of the structures are also designed to facilitate the installation process and ensure perfect alignment of the LED modules thanks to the adjustments on the X, Y and Z axes.

Thanks to this know-how, OMB is in fact a primary reference point for the creation of structures for Virtual Stages, Television Studios, large surfaces for public spaces, indoor and outdoor structures.

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